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Congratulations to everyone who received the First Comment Badge in October 🌟

Sophie_Lyons Posts: 333 QUANTEXA TEAM

October saw lots of great questions and discussions started, and Community members getting involved in the conversations.

So we're putting a spotlight on all the members who received the First Comment badge in October:

@Patrick @Deepa_Rajagopalan @brendan @susant_singh77 @dhanaraj @Smemisi @martaskret @bharat_mahajan @Tamilvel @kumar_reddy @willy @Jerry @dennyjoy @devangsharma @AlexMcLarenEY @ahaazi @Mandeep_k2023 @dharuv @Sid @venkatesh03_10_90 @sirisha @zayaan @Łukasz_1 @Mart4_ben_ser @premkgk @HarishDamodharan

Whether you're new to the Community or maybe you've been here a while (but this is simply the first time you've commented), we wanted to welcome and thank you - your comments add value to the Community and we hope to hear more from you.

Whilst we've got you: Check out our 5-Star Referral Rally Competition for your chance to win a Chilly's Bottle + other prizes!

New to the Community? Join our next Community Connect call on 8th December

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