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Useful Elasticsearch API Calls

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@Danny_Hyon, Solutions Architect, outlines how to manage Elasticsearch (Elastic) clusters and indices which are crucial for maintaining a Quantexa implementation. This article provides an overview of common Elasticsearch API calls that can be used for cluster and index management. 

Key topics:

  1. Cluster Management:
    • Retrieve cluster statistics using the _cluster/stats endpoint.
  2. Index Manipulation:
    • Create an index with specific settings.
    • Delete an index.
    • Open and close an index.
    • Enable read/write on an index.
    • Reindex data from one index to another.
    • Force a merge operation for better read performance.
    • Move shards within the cluster.
    • Alter the number of replicas for redundancy.
    • Disable and re-enable shard allocation.
  3. Index Interrogation:
    • List aliases.
    • List indices, including their health and status.
    • List shards and their details.
    • List segments within an index.
    • Retrieve index mapping.
    • List unassigned shards.
    • Check the progress of a force merge operation.
  4. Index Entry Manipulation:
    • Add an entry to an index.
  5. Nodes:
    • List nodes in the cluster, including their roles and resource usage.
    • List nodes with detailed queries.
  6. Search:
    • Perform a search query within an index using cURL requests.
  7. Tasks:
    • List active tasks within the cluster.
    • List detailed task information.

This serves as a practical guide for managing Elasticsearch clusters and indices in the context of a Quantexa implementation, providing essential commands to effectively maintain and optimize the Elastic search environment.

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