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Read now: What it's Like to Perform an Upgrade

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Read all about our experience and key takeaways when upgrading a repository from version 2.1 to 2.3. The upgrade was performed and released in early 2023 shortly after version 2.3 became available.

The main motivation behind this particular upgrade was to upgrade the batch tier software including versions of EMR & Spark which Quantexa 2.3 supported.

The flexibility of the new Data Viewer and other newly released features were also important value-adds.


  • Dan_Pryer
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    Thanks for the useful post @Max_Mills !

    @nithin_2023 not sure if you will find this useful RE: your question to me on Slack about ugrades / migrations.

    Dan Pryer - Senior Data Engineer

    R&D - Decision Systems / Detection Packs

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  • nithin_2023
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    Thanks Dan, this is very useful.

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