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📊 POLL: Which feature of Quantexa 2.5 are you most excited for? 📊

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We've just launched 2.5! Read about it in Release Announcements.

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📊 POLL: Which feature of Quantexa 2.5 are you most excited for? 📊 5 votes

Stream Updates to Entity Store - allows you to access the latest view of an Entity in near real-time
William_NeedhamThomas_EastgateAlexander_Cowan 3 votes
Scoring Extension Mode for Assess Template Generation - simplifies the process of setting up Scoring significantly
Shivaprasad 1 vote
Flexible Scorecards - enables the flagging of different types of risks or insights through multiple Scorecards at the same level, such as for different typologies or products
Kelly_Wauters 1 vote
Tune Scorecards with QPython - makes the process of Scorecard tuning much more accessible, simple, and quick
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