Decision Intelligence is the Key To Stopping Modern Slavery And Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking and modern slavery violations are happening across the world. Find out more about what financial institutions need to know about anti-slavery operations

Human trafficking and slavery have reached epic proportions worldwide fuelled by wars, economic crises, climate change, political unrest, and demographic pressures in countries of origin.

Criminal networks have also become far more sophisticated and tech-savvy in their abilities to communicate and collaborate with other criminal networks, diversify smuggling routes, and evade detection as illicit profits from the human trafficking trade skyrocket.

The recent tragedy off the coast of Greece in which more than 600 migrants lost their lives is yet another heartbreaking example of how migrants themselves are being forced to take higher risks in their attempts to seek safer places to live.

Read our full blog which will outline:

  • What financial institutions need to know about anti-slavery operations
  • Uncovering criminal activity with AI-enabled technologys. 
  • A network example of exploitation within construction

Recognising the sensitivity, share with us your thoughts and experiences of tackling this challenge?