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Deloitte: Eyes Top Trends Transforming Financial Services

Deloitte detailed its "2023 Financial Services Industry Predictions" report, which outlines emerging trends across the banking & capital markets, insurance, real estate, and investment management sectors. The report highlights the impact of data and emerging technologies, products and services, and climate change on the future of financial services – and as a result, on society and the economy.

"The reality is that emerging technological changes could be more pervasive and impactful going forward in ways that can be scarcely imagined today," said Jim Eckenrode, managing director, Deloitte Center for Financial Services. Deloitte Services LP. "Financial services will likely play an important role in helping these breakthroughts emerge to the benefit of us all, while simultaneously opening up new avenues of revenue and profit."

Read more here … Our very own Dax Aiken, VP EMEA Alliances, Quantexa weighs in this thoughts.

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