What is Entity Quality?

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Most organizations are concerned with data quality. What's usually neglected is the Entity Quality.

But what exactly is Entity Quality?

Entity Quality, or EQ for short, is a way to determine the quality of a resolved entity. Say we get a resolved entity based on matching 3 different records, based on some matching logic. The question that arises here is: do these 3 records actually represent the same real-world thing/entity? How confident are we that they do?

Entity Quality is about that. It's a way to give end users confidence, via a calculated/aggregated score. At Quantexa, we provide Entity Quality Scoring, or EQS, a way to provide confidence scores for resolved entities. It determines over/under linking in entities.

Check out a nice short blog on the entity quality overlinking tool that has been developed based on this functionality. That said, this functionality is embedded in the product, and users can view the generated scores easily, and investigate any entity (if/when needed).

Do you measure entity quality at your organization? If yes, how? If no, do you think this can be useful? Please share your thoughts!