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Gartner Scopes Out Executive AI Buy In

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Gartner: 55% of rganizations Say Risk Factors are a Critical Consideration When Evaluating AI Use Cases.

A new Gartner survey revealed that 55% of organizations that have previously deployed AI always consider AI for every new use case that they are evaluating. More than half of organizations (52%) report that risk factors are a critical consideration when evaluating new AI use cases.

“An AI-first strategy is a hallmark of AI maturity and a driver of increased return on investment,” said Erick Brethenoux, Distinguished VP Analyst at Gartner. “However, AI-first does not mean AI-only. While AI-mature organizations are more likely to consider AI for every possible use case, they are also more likely to weigh risk as a critical factor when determining whether to move forward.”

Read more here … Quantexa's Chief Analytics Officer @Felix_Hoddinott weighs in: Gartner Scopes Out Executive AI Buy In

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