To use a Graph DB or not?

Issam_Hijazi Posts: 27 QUANTEXA TEAM

Graph databases (Graph DB) are gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional relational databases due to their ability to manage highly interconnected data. However, the decision of whether or not to use a Graph DB is dependent on several factors and is not straightforward.

Some users of Graph DB technology have expressed frustration due to a lack of tangible business outcomes after investing in projects for two years or more. They are now questioning the need to continue using the technology and paying for licenses and maintenance. Some of the most complained about aspects were performance issues, complexity and flexibility.

It is essential to note that Graph DB technology is not a "magic stick" and requires significant pre-work to create meaningful connections between data. Despite its advantages in managing complex data relationships, Graph DB is a data store after all, and has some shortcomings.

If you have experience using Graph DB , I would love to hear about your experience and what use cases you've use/ed it for.