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Quantexa is Google Marketplace Accredited!


We are very excited to say that Quantexa is now Google Marketplace Accredited! You can learn more here about our announcement from our PR.

This is further proof of our growing strategic partnership with Google Cloud. As a past 2021 Google Partner of the Year for Financial Services, this accreditation makes it easier for customers to leverage Google Cloud |Quantexa along with SI’s services and have access to new available customer funds.

A few prospect and customer benefits:

Provides additional confidence in Google Cloud and Quantexa combined solution

Prospects/Customers gain additional market education and awareness of Google/Quantexa “Better Together” solutions

Allows Customers to apply Quantexa licenses to Google Cloud Commit, thus, reducing risk of over-commitments

Helps Customers leverage contextual insight for Decision Intelligence and Google Journey to the cloud transformations

Enables the right data, for the right decisions, on the Google cloud!

So, let’s explore together! Do you need contextual insight on a cloud platform? Together, Google & Quantexa have had some great wins together. Talk to us about your Digital Transformation to the cloud today!

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