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ER Accelerate – a low-code and UI-driven approach to Quantexa’s Entity resolution

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Following Jamie Hutton’s (CTO, Quantexa) announcement at Quancon last Tuesday, we are excited to spill the beans on ER Accelerate and Quantexa’s journey to simplification so far. 

Here is a quick Q&A with @Jamie

Q: What is ER Accelerate all about? 

A: Simply put, ER Accelerate is all about enabling our customers to unlock the power of our best-in-class Entity Resolution capability in a much easier and quicker way. We’ve been investing heavily in simplifying the process of deploying, onboarding data, and configuring our platform and ER Accelerate marks a major milestone in our efforts to increase and speed up the adoption of Quantexa. And you’ll be seeing this simplification across the other key areas of our platform in the near future as well. 

Q: What is new in ER Accelerate? 

A: The most exciting difference with ER Accelerate is that a user will be able to deploy the solution, configure their data model and entity resolution, execute a batch ER run, and view the results – all without having to write any code! This will enable our customers to get up and running and start delivering value from our product much more quickly.  

To do this, we’ve bundled new or existing platform components that simplify the process of data ingest (Data Fusion UI) and Entity Resolution (Resolver) into one package and paired that with the ability to view and explore entities (Entity Explorer powered by Entity Store) and assess their quality (Quality Scoring). 

Q: You mentioned that ER Accelerate is going to be released via an Early Access Program (EAP) for now. What does that mean to our customers and partners? 

A: The reason we are going through an EAP is that we want to put our users’ needs to the forefront. During the EAP, which will take about 3 to 4 months, participants will be trying out the product with our guidance and we will be collecting feedback for inclusion in the product development process. This means when we bring ER Accelerate to general availability, it will be well tested in real-life use cases and enriched with functionality that our users need. 

Find out more about ER Accelerate here. 

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