Congratulations to all the Rising Stars on Community ⭐

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What is a Rising Star?

The Quantexa Community awards the 'Rising Star' Rank to members who have earned 250 points. You can earn points by answering questions, receiving positive reactions from your answers, unlocking achievements, earning badges, and participating in other activities. Each badge you collect has a point value; you can see how many points you have on your profile.

What are Community Ranks?

We have six Community Ranks that grant specific privileges to the Quantexa Community. You can only have one Rank at a time. If you have a job title listed on your profile, it will be displayed separately after your rank.

Community members will always receive the highest level Rank they qualify for. Anyone who reaches 'Grandmaster' will receive a prize of Community-branded goodies, and a write-up on Community celebrating your success!

The six ranks are:

Our Rising Stars are:

@Aditya @agarwalab @ankit_mongia1 @ankitnaudiyal @anthonyH @Anurag_Varnwal @AryanAgarwal1499_1 @bharat_mahajan @BhuvneshG @bojana_urumovska @darka @fares_ashraf99 @ganesh @gouravsontakke @gurupkarnam_31 @Ian_Ush123 @Ibrahim_Adly @Jay @Jerry @joj @kamek777 @kannababu @Kelly_Wauters @Korosh @ksasi_k @ll7n21 @mabraham4 @marcin_okonski_hsbc @MengLiu @mguo @MichelW @Naresh_Sangayya @Naza_21 @Nikhil_786 @Omar_Sobhy @parkhekishor @Paul_Weststrate @PaulineKetelaars @Ricardo_Lora @sarabanv_007 @Shashi_Vish2023 @Sidi_Camara @Smemisi @Sravanth_kurra_2023 @susant_singh77 @TamilarasanM @venkatesh03_10_90 @WimDelen @Yan

Congratulations on your achievement!