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@ElineVrijsen joined the Community on the day it launched and since then has been earning points & badges and climbing the ranks. As well as asking clear and concise questions which have been receiving a lot of 'Awesomes', Eline has been marking best answers and helping others to solve her queries. 

Eline works as a Data Engineer and Technical Lead for the FPS Finance in Brussels (Belgium), we chatted with her to learn more about her Quantexa experience and how she unwinds.

How long have you been using Quantexa and what version do you use?

I started by doing the Quantexa Academy in February/March 2021 and I have been using the Quantexa Platform since May 2021. We’re currently on version 2.4.4.

What’s your favorite thing about the Community?

I usually look into the All Discussions section. It's really helpful when you’re stuck on a certain topic or if you’re facing issues. There are already so many questions with an accepted answer, it’s handy to have a look at them when debugging or when implementing a new feature. On top of this, I love the fact that questions get answered quickly, in-depth, and personally. This gives me confidence when debugging as I know someone with more experience in this topic is helping me to solve my queries.

How often do you use the Community?

It depends on what I'm working on. If we're facing an issue in our project I'll use it multiple times a day, otherwise, I come to the Community to browse best practices & ideas to improve our project. 

What’s the most exciting feature of the Quantexa platform?

I like the customizable expansion templates. It’s pretty amazing being able to expand multiple nodes with the click of a button. By customizing the templates you have the ability to choose which type(s) of nodes you want to expand, which entities, which documents,etc. This creates detailed and exciting networks, it keeps the network view clean (as you’re not expanding everything by default) and it gives the end user the option to only expand and investigate what they are interested in.

What’s your favorite food and why?

I love Italian food, especially my homemade lasagna.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I’m not only a developer but also a dancer and musician. đŸ’ƒđŸŽ¶đŸŽ­ïž

As a Member of the Month, Eline will receive our April Member of the Month badge (worth 100 points) and a selection of Community branded goodies including a Chilly's Water Bottle.

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