Congratulations to everyone who has received the Name Dropper badge 🌟

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The Name Dropper Badge comes from @mentioning someone in a discussion, question, idea or comment - it's a great way to involve other Community Members in your posts and hear their opinions and expertise.

This month we're name dropping everyone who earnt the badge in March:

@AryanAgarwal1499_1 @zainu_shiraz_12 @Ricardo_Lora @Radhu_Sindhu @kamek777 @akashtantri @David_Patullo @Kirankumar @erwrv @Nikhil_786 @DavidS @Abhishek_kumar @JohnathanJacobs @israelmedjie @Sherry @Yan @divyadussa @manasiladkat @Chantelle_Brooks93 @nikita @tomasz_hotlos @ShivangiNanda @EvgenyGorbachev

Thank you for your contributions to the Community in March!

Haven't earnt this badge yet? Why not @mention someone you'd like to hear from in our Knowledge Exchange Competition!