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Congratulations to @Shashi_Vish2023 for becoming our February Community Member of the Month!

If you're in the Quantexa Academy, you might have seen Shashi helping to answer your questions, or posting some great ones and marking best answers himself to help grow the Community knowledge base - it was these contributions that lead to him being voted as our February Member of the Month.

Shashi is a Senior Software Engineer for JP Morgan Chase, we chatted to him to learn more about his Quantexa experience and get some top life tips.

How long have you been using Quantexa and what version do you use?

It's been around 4 months now since I started using the Quantexa platform (version 2.0.8) as part of my Quantexa Academy journey. Initially, it posed a steep learning curve, but as I delved deeper, I began to enjoy using the platform.

What’s your favourite thing about the Community?

Quick turnaround. Traditionally, obtaining support for software-related queries can be time-consuming but the Quantexa Community based approached is tremendously helpful . Also, it gives an opportunity to share new ideas which can be beneficial to businesses.

How often do you use the Community?

Almost daily. I must mention the Academy support calls as well, which rapidly help to improve your knowledge about the platform.

What’s the best/most exciting feature of the Quantexa platform?

The most outstanding feature of the Quantexa platform is its remarkable flexibility and scalability. From data ingestion to UI customization, the platform offers extensive capabilities that empower users to tailor information display according to specific business requirements.

What’s the life hack everyone should know?

Never stop learning.

What’s the best film you’ve watched recently and why?

12th Fail. Recently released, it's one of the most inspirational Bollywood movies. It offers valuable insights and perspectives on life's challenges and triumphs.

As a Member of the Month, Shashi will receive our February Member of the Month badge (worth 100 points) and a £25 Amazon voucher.

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