Leaderboards & Ranks

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As you earn points and badges you can climb the Community leaderboards. We have monthly leaderboard and an all time leaderboard.

Members at the top of the leaderboard could become a Community member of the month and win exclusive Community goodies.

Ranks ⛰️

As you climb the leaderboards you'll also climb the ranks.

A Rank grants certain privileges on the Quantexa Community. You can only have one Rank at a time. Typically, your Rank is displayed on your discussions and comments just after your name. If you have a Title, that is displayed separately, after your Rank.

Community members will always receive the highest level Rank they qualify for.

The Quantexa Community Ranks are:

Quantexa Employees will always have the 'Quantexa Team' rank - consider this our blue tick of authenticity!