Announcing the December Community Member of the Month!

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Congratulations to @Shareen who was chosen as the December Community member of the month!

Shareen was chosen for their contributions to Community including updating the Community on the steps taken to resolve their queries and marking best answers on their questions. Both of these actions will help other Community members facing the same query to resolve them quickly and easily.

As our Community member of the month, Shareen will receive our December Member of the Month Badge (worth 100 points) and a box of Community branded goodies including a Chilly's Water Bottle.

We chatted to Shareen to get to know them better and hear more about their Quantexa experience:

How long have you been using Quantexa and what version do you use?

I have been using Quantexa for the past 2.5 years on version 1.7. Recently I have started working on upgrading to Quantexa 2.4.1.

What’s your favorite thing about the Community?

Even though I mostly use the Community for getting help on technical issues, the thing I like best is the blogs/discussions that give you an in-depth understanding about how the product works in the backend.

How often do you use the Community?

Generally at least a couple of times a week.

What’s the best/ most exciting feature of the Quantexa platform?

The feature we are most excited about is the ability to highlight the underlying nodes that triggered a score when you hover over a score on the scoring panel. Because of the complexity of the network that we have, our users are finding it really tough to figure out the triggering paths. We are looking forward to implementing this.

What’s the best film you’ve watched recently and why?

Home. A Malayalam (a language from south end of India) movie that won the national award recently. Even though it was a low budget movie with no star cast, the storytelling and performances are exceptional.

What’s your favourite food and why?

Thalassery Biriyani. The aroma and flavour of it is amazing. For those who don't know its a type of biriyani that is common in the northern part of Kerala, a state from the south end of India.

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