🎯 Points & Badges 🎖️

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Points 🎯

You can earn points by posting questions and discussions, commenting on threads, answering questions, receiving positive reactions on your posts, unlocking achievements, earning badges, and other activities.

For each badge you collect there is a point value, you can see how many points you have on your profile.

Badges 🏅

There are a range of badges to collect for different activities. Some, such as the Photogenic badge, are easy and quick to collect, whilst others, like the Article Author badge, are harder and require more time.

All badges have a points value attached to them. Points are based on how difficult a badge is to collect - the harder a badge is to collect, the more points you'll receive.

Badges can be seen on your profile, you can also see which badges other Community members have so you can keep an eye to see if you're ahead of your colleagues.

See a full list of the badges available, their point value, and the ones you have gained on our badges page.

If you have an idea for a badge you'd like to see, comment below!