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👋 New to the Community? Join our Community connect call today at 12pm GMT 🎄

Sophie_Lyons Posts: 879 QUANTEXA TEAM

Join the December Community Connect: Friday 8th December 12pm- 12:30pm (GMT)

The Community Team will be demoing the Community, highlighting useful features and where to find resources.

What you need to know 👇

The sessions will:

✅ Introduce the Community Team

✅ Include a tour of Community features: Ideation, Community Library, Specialist User Groups so you can get the maximum benefit

✅ Demo how to use Community features effectively including: how to set up email notifications, update your profile, use tags, collect points & badges

✅ Include time for questions

These sessions are not:

❌ For developer support or assistance with the Quantexa platform or Academy modules.

Check our event page for all the details:

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