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Have your say on our latest research on Case Management 💬

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Quantexa are gathering information and insights from our users and customers to better understand your needs and expectations when it comes to Case Management. 

If you've used Tasks we would love to hear from you, but if you haven't, we're also interested in any feedback you have about software for Case Management in general.

You can find out more and participate in the survey here: Share your feedback on Quantexa's Case Management and Workflow features (login required)

For completing the survey, you'll receive a User Research Panel participant badge 100 points which will help you climb our leaderboard and win prizes in the future🏆

You'll also be invited to join our User Research Panel. As a member of the panel, you'll help shape and influence the future of Quantexa by directly collaborating with our product department by taking part in early access testing of new features, product interviews and surveys.

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