Entity Quality Management for Data Quality?

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Data quality is one of the major challenges that organizations suffer from, consuming up to 50% of data users time, costing up to 30% loss in revenue and destroying trust in data. ​

​In today's data-dependent business environment, the urgency for impeccable data quality is driven by a confluence of market forces. Fears of reputational damage due to data mishaps, the competitive pressure from digital-first competition, and an array of stringent regulations are pushing companies to reassess their data management strategies. ​

Quantexa's Entity Quality Management (EQM) solution enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of data remediation by tailoring campaigns to align with evolving business needs. It directs remediation activities through the efficient remediation channels, from hands-on steward workflows to automated prompts in customer portals and CRM systems. ​

​Validated in production environments, Quantexa's EQM solution has integrated more than 80 data sources, achieved a 9% rate of deduplication, and uncovered 2.5 million matches that competing solutions overlooked. Simultaneously, it has effectively identified cases of overmatching and facilitated the prioritization and support of 1,000 merge reviews on a weekly basis.​

How does it work?

Quantexa's Entity Quality Management solution seamlessly ingests a wide array of data, irrespective of its origin, embracing both internal and external sources with a model-agnostic approach that ensures rapid integration. It employs sophisticated AI/ML models to automatically parse, cleanse, and standardize data, laying the groundwork for a consistent and reliable data foundation.​

Source records are then transformed into an accurate single entity view, thanks to Quantexa's scalable and highly-accurate entity resolution capability. The solution assesses each record, applying a set of rules designed to identify and rectify any anomalies, such as historical overlinking, underlining, potential duplicates, and various attribute inconsistencies, enriching the data's integrity and reducing false positives​.

The user experience is elevated through interactive dashboards that provide dynamic visualizations, breaking down data by various quality indicators, technical specifications, and business attributes, thus enabling a thorough understanding of data quality and the focused identification of areas for remediation.​

​By leveraging Quantexa’s EQM solution, organizations achieve situational awareness of data quality across the enterprise, enabling a focused approach to remediation. As a result, businesses can prioritize their data quality efforts efficiently, targeting areas of most significant impact and aligning remediation tasks with current business priorities and operational demands. Integration with key enterprise services facilitates a seamless and effective data quality management process.​